OUR Endorsements

Daniel La Spata

1st Ward Alderperson

Byron Sigcho-Lopez

25th Ward Alderperson

Angela Clay

46th Ward ALderperson

Leni Mana HoppenWORTH

48th Ward Alderperson

Lucia Robinson

Oak park village trustee

Susan Buchanan


Ravi Parakkat

Oak park village trustee

Brian straw

Oak park village trustee

Teresa Powell

Former oak park village clerk

Erika Bachner

River forest trustee

Keith Strom

River forest Township Trustee

Alees Edwards

11th District Police council

Anthony michael tamez

17th district police council

Anthony David bryant

3rd district police council

Erin vogel

9th district police council

Carmelita Earls

15th district police council

Alderman Byron Sigcho Lopez

Chicago's 25th Ward

“So many of the most important issues in the 25th Ward stem from lack of funding and a lack of investment in our communities and people. We need a representative in Washington who will show up everyday and fight tooth and nail for our communities. I am confident that Kina will be that congresswoman. I’m so excited to be supporting her in this critical race.”

Alderman Daniel La Spata

Chicago's 1st Ward

“The people of the first ward and from across the seventh congressional district deserve a progressive leader who will show up and fight for them. I’ve witnessed to the fact that Kina will be that leader in Congress. From leading protests in the wake of the murder of Laquan McDonald, to working to reduce gun violence in Chicago, to standing alongside striking UIC workers just a couple of weeks ago, it is clear that when her community needs her most, Kina steps up. It’s time for her to step up again to be our leader in Washington.”

Alderman Joe Carmichael

Berwyn’s 8th Ward

“I’m proud to be endorsing Kina because she is exactly the kind of person we need representing us in Washington. Someone who is going to fight for progressive values and continue to move our communities forward. Someone who represents and is a product of the population that resides within the 7th congressional district today.”

Alderman Rob Pabon

Berywn’s 5th Ward

“IL-07 deserves a leader who will fight for the people and Kina’s track record illustrates that she is not only a passionate fighter but an effective strategist. Her years of organizing around critical issues and understanding of advocacy and policy make her a prime candidate to bring in a new level of impact to the district and our country.”

Tim Thomas

Oak Park Township Trustee

“I’m proud to endorse Kina Collins for Congress, She brings an energetic commitment and activist approach to addressing the needs and long outstanding issues facing the residents of IL-7. We need her and we need her in congress now!”